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@lindadjones702 @CKinservik @BernieSanders #YESSSSS! I've been following #Bernie's career since he became mayor of Burlington. That blew my mind! And he continued to impress me with his consistent #progressive policies. For me... 😁 #BernieIsAOnceInALifetimeCandidate!✌🏽❤️💥

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@ewarren GO AWAY. Step down and endorse #Bernie NOW. Bernie stood with your supposed brethren NA’s at Standing Rock. You exploited NA’s to help your employers claim your white a$$ as a POC.

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@Dee54038114 @Electra661 @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #Trump2020
@realDonaldTrump #KAG

#Pochantas and #Bernie like you to believe that money doesn’t really exist and that everything should be free! 🤔

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@kwilliams101 @ewarren #Bernie’s VA policy and record with VA’s is way better.

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Dems know it's a bad idea for GE, most want Public Option trotted out for it not a mandatory version of #MedicareForAll. If @ewarren loses #Dem2020, the decision to glom onto dense #Bernie will be why
#Warren #news

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More from the #NH poll:
If hapless #Biden is state frontrunner, could it be that @ewarren is already seeing fallout from glomming onto #Bernie's GE loser plan of mandatory #MedicareForAll?

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Last #IA polling has #MayorPete passing #Bernie also. No wonder @fshakir tried to swift boat Pete about his donors. Still time to get off the Titanic, @AOC
#charlatan #NotTheNom

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@mtracey In the latest poll in NH, 23% of independents voting for Biden. Higher than #Bernie !!

Also interesting #Tulsi independent support is on par with that of establishment favourite #Waren at 10 %

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How #Bernie won #NH last time. Non-Dems can vote there and they were trying to jam up Hillary.
@TomPerez, 1/2 delegates penalty for any state who lets non Dems screw with the #Dem2020 primaries

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@hello_nathaniel @kimdallas07 @RWCombsJr2 @Mrs_Slinky @PizzaCatthew Poor play selection. You're going to melt if #Bernie gets kneecapped again.

I hope you're putting together a Plan B. I really do.

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@neeratanden It did work NT. Same winning margin as Bush 2004 - and got that with tampering for DT, media bias for DT, militant #Bernie's, Voter ID states and Comey

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@hello_nathaniel @kimdallas07 @RWCombsJr2 @Mrs_Slinky @PizzaCatthew Please don't act condescending. It does nothing to address the problem you're facing; we're all facing.

Either hit the streets now, and demand the changes you want, or you'll be forced to next summer when the DNC shuts out #Bernie again.

Do it before then and hope is revived.

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For the love of god take this election seriously. My family is begging you. I don’t know what else to tell you except to show some humanity, please. There is only one candidate that has proven he cares. #bernie

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Brilliant unique Blame Me I Voted For Bernie Sanders Birdie Bern Short Sleeve T-shirt. Made in USA! Buy one now! #tshirtyarn #artwork #originalart #bernie #senator #election #djt

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@geminirequired @realDonaldTrump I’m not promoting #Bernie, it’s sarcasm! 🤔

Santa brings gifts to children but the parents are paying for these gifts!

After Bernie drops out of the race, btw that’s in the cards for him, he can then apply to become the mall’s Santa 🎅! 😉

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Ya had me at #Bernie as #Truly 😂

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#Bernie's apparently think that even if durability were months rather than 8 years, it's all worth it for Dear Leader. Never mind you'd be defending WH in 4 years with Bern's VP, @SusanSarandon... 😄
#Dem2020 #NotTheNom #OutByApril

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@letsberealppl2 #Warren, Her voice is like someone who is begging for something 😂 #Kamala sounds like she smokes something and #Bernie reminds me the old Man from family Guy show.

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"Vote for #Bloomberg, for he is sharper than #Biden, richer than #Trump and less Jewish than #Bernie!" #BillMaher


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@bourgeoisalien Fake news designed to make Warren *seem* like the antiestablishment candidate in order to stop #Bernie

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@BethLynch2020 @janieo Thats what said,I noticed her #TaxPlan skips her bracket,But #Bernie's raises his Taxes! Thats the difference right there,We know whose on R side! #NeverWARren #BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020 #GreenNewDeal

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regarding LRT, Tulsi Gabbard too. Also Marianne Williamson. And Mike Gravel. Credit where credit is due. These have been important voices for peace along with #Bernie Sanders. & shoutout to the supporters! Love when we fight for the greater good together! #grouphug

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@SuperSovietBox @PramilaJayapal & not in a good way either, Right? I really thought Pramila was smarter than identity politics, & more concerned with the outcome for all of us, than she has proven to be. Call me old fashioned but I prefer a candidate that walks the walk, and has the History to prove it. #Bernie

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There is too much corruption and it is a world wide permeation. This sounds like a police state which we are ourselves approaching. It is a scary time but it is not time to sit by and let trump and the despicables run over the citizens of the us. We are world citizens #bernie🙃

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Bel article de @mathieu_m sur le duo #AOC- #Bernie. Et sur la manière, surtout, dont tous deux s'adressent directement aux classes populaires et réactivent l'esprit du #NewDeal et de #FranklinDelanoRoosevelt, notamment autour de la justice climatique et du #GreenNewDeal :

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I love this video!! This video is the embodiment of what the Bernie Sanders campaign is all about. #greennewdeal #medicareforall #bernie #berniesanders #climatechange #democrat #independent @berniesanders @ocasio2018@ninaturner

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@sabrina68 Hitch exposes this murderer who is complicit along with the murdering criminal @HillaryClinton in the American raping of the world.

#Bernie #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #AOC2028 #Nina4VP #Boomers4Bernie2020 #FDRDemocrats #UncleBernie #NOneoliberalSCUMBAGS

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Senator Jeanine Áñez, member of the center-right Democrat Social Movement and expected to become Bolivia's interim president, has issued a call for Bolivia's armed forces to coordinate with police to protect the "population" from pro-Evo protesters.

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Elizabeth Warren triangulates on immigration:

“We need ICE" for "our safety" against “threats” of drugs and terrorism.

Warren refuses to commit to suspending deportations.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will, as President, #AbolishICE and suspend deportations.

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Tusli is the choice of people who plan to vote in the Democratic Party but don't like Democrats and most of the things Democrats stand for. Those voters are plentiful in the NH primary, where independents participate in big numbers.

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Bernie supporters are absolutely indignant that you would even question the viability of a candidate pushing 80 who literally just had a heart attack. All perfectly normal. 🙄

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, espoir de la gauche américaine, partage désormais les estrades avec @BernieSanders. En vue de la primaire démocrate, @AOC amplifie le message de justice sociale du candidat, avec radicalité et enthousiasme.

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2020 Democratic candidates as spiked seltzers, a thread:

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