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This man was murdered not long after he gave this speech.

One of only 3 people that survived a fire fight at Dulce Base in 1979.

Watch this video. Ask yourself if it looks like he's lying.


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Another high profile CEO dead after a mysterious medical leave of absence?

Is there an Anon out there that is keeping track of all this? I feel like the amount of high profile deaths are becoming too hard to ignore.

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@tecnofogo @martingeddes

Interesting read here, too. Mentions "Dropping the hammer" and putting certain individuals on a kill list [killbox] #QAnon

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I got your Impeachment right here.
#MAGA #KAG2020 #GreatAwakening #BuildTheWall #WalkAway

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@StormIsUponUs R is also in fact real.
1/17/19 @POTUS misspells the word COUNTRY as COUNTRTY.


I counted it.

R:1 = 14,113

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Inside the War to Kill Off 8chan — and Crush QAnon - VICE

Brennan is clear about why he never wants 8chan and 8kun to come back online: QAnon.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #DeclassifyFISA

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Hey Dems,
This is how it's done.

Oh and Trump is still your President.
#MAGA #KAG2020 #GreatAwakening #BuildTheWall #WalkAway @realDonaldTrump @prayingmedic

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read John's words very closely
the words of his people

he/they were legion before even #anonymous lopped a head off it's shoulders

he was #Resistance
he was #Mendax

he beheld a pale horse long before Bill Cooper ever did

his spirit was in Jeremy Hammond & Aaron Schwartz

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Don't ya love this...Trump #2020

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Almost 2 years since the first QDrop .. I would say the #GreatAwakening has grown exponentially!!!!

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#HunterBiden’ is a topic #CNN, #NBC, #MSNBC, #NYTimes and #Democrats don’t like.
This is how a classic mafia-like shakedown looks like.
Is up to all of you to keep this video alive.
Retweet and Share it with all your friends.

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#GreatAwakening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide


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@libertytosay You might want to check the signatures I hear, w/ a professional & maybe use that #WeHaveItAll capture every detail to prove if there is fraud going on. They scream about countries w/ corrupt politicians and then they act like this!
#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #GreatAwakening #RIPElijah

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Sound impossible that cabal & dp state politicians work alongside aliens living deep under Earth?

Yes it does. But expand your thinking.

Contemplate all the recent "earthquakes". Army subterranean training. Space Force. Recent MSM UFO disclosures. Antartica.


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@JoeBiden Sounds almost like your comms have been turned over.
#WeAreTheNews #Trump2020 #draintheswamp #GreatAwakening

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@TomArnold why all the hate?? Is this why they kept you in the van in True Lies? #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan #DrainTheDeepState #MAGA #Trump2020 #GreatAwakening

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Hopefully this will help with those that are on the fence or even dont believe in #Q #QAnon s legitimacy
A thanQ to @TruthHammer888 for supplying the sauce to back it up

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#RedPill: Q said aliens exist. Whistleblowers (Phil Schneider, Sherry Shriner) speak of underground bases where they are. [They] trade people for tech(chips,mind control,cloning etc).

Research Dulce Base NM

Andrenochrome @2:40 =


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Tom Arnold, for reference.

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I think @drdrew gets that the opioid epidemic is a complex nuanced problem that required a thoughtful measured response, not the ham-fisted, bull-in-the-china-shop reaction deployed by @CDCgov, @supportprop et al. CPPs have the political power to remedy a public health disaster.

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Having a Dr treat me for intractable pain whose only interest in #OpioidRxs is in relation to how effectively they treat addicts who are pain free would be like having a Podiatrist perform my open heart surgery. #IPP

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Most fatal opioid overdoses are not caused by prescription drugs, US study finds | The BMJ

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Seeing this Dr. Drew segment on pain either he is truly ignorant or he is deliberately lying about not knowing about patients being denied pain meds in pharmacies and other venues.. To be honest I don't think anything will change with Dr. Drew he is too prideful in my opinion...

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#ExposeCNN Part 1 Video has received 1,800,000+ views in just 3 days. The power of the people cannot be denied!

@Project_Veritas needs you to keep putting pressure on @CNN and @ATT for a comment.

If you find these tapes troubling, let them know.


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1. So many trolls online claiming that Q isn't real. I happen to be in a position to weigh in, with some real expertise, to say that Q is in fact real. Many of you already know this, but some are not "red pilled" and just coming out of the fog of misinformation... and scared.

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