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@CNN @secupp @CNNOpinion Repubs don't seem to mind if other people suffer -- as long as they're comfortable, why worry?


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@marcorubio @VP @SecPompeo They did Trump's bidding giving Erdogan everything & allowing Kurds to either leave their livelihoods alive or dead?


FFS, Marco, are you high?


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@SenatorLankford It won't. And it is obvious. I can't imagine your furrowed brow when they continue the advance.


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Un analista señala que #Rusia e #Irán son los únicos mediadores válidos entre los beligerantes en #Siria: #Ankara, #Damasco Damasco y los #kurdos.
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Mulvaney says 'climate change will not be on the agenda' at G-7 summit #impeachthepres #trump video #macabre #NYT #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #trumpvideo #impeachment #impeach #turkey #kurds #biden

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I knew this in my gut for awhile, but we now have concrete evidence from the last 2 weeks that tRump is fully capable of genocide. So I ask, who will be next? #KurdishGenocide #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #ImpeachAndRemove

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I'm surprised trump hasn't just given America to him. Trump is a traitor.
#TrumpTreason #TrumpRussia #TrumpUkraine #TrumpSyria

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@realDonaldTrump Hello Dallas! We've destroyed America's reputation as a trustworthy ally! Yay #MAGA!

#KurdsBetrayedByTrump #CorruptTrump #ImpeachThePres

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I'm sure @marcorubio has some scripture or passage from the bible that can justify waging war on innocent people like the #KurdsBetrayedByTrump Also, how to profit illegally from your position as #POTUS It must be in the bible somewhere #FakeReligion #FakePresident #CowardRubio

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No end to the humiliations.


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If anyone wants the record of the House vote on Syria withdrawal, here it is.
#SyriaWithdrawal #KurdishGenocide #TrumpGenocide #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #Kurds

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Community Voices (Pyatt): Federal workers could be the heroes who save us from this calamity #impeachthepres #trump video #macabre #NYT #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #trumpvideo #impeachment #impeach #turkey #kurds #biden

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When your note taker reacts to your NUTTY words. “There is a lot of sand in Syria. A lot of sand for Russia and Turkey to play in.” God help us... #DumpTrump #KurdishGenocide #KurdsBetrayedByTrump @FPWellman @TheDailyShow

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@MollyJongFast As President, Nixon May have broken a law, but he always protected the sovereignty of the United States. He never would’ve gotten bed with the Russians. #KurdsBetrayedByTrump

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@marcorubio @VP @SecPompeo WTF?? PRAISE??

They left toddler potus alone on a Sunday evening and results are:

▶️ 100s slaughtered
▶️ 100,000,000+ displaced
▶️ ISIS prisoners escape
▶️ total capitulation to thug Erdogan
▶️ US bombing own equip

Tired of winning yet Marco?


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@realDonaldTrump This puddle of red pales in comparison to the oceans of blood you’ve spilled. #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #trumpfail

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A Turkish official briefed by participants in the talks said the Turkish side was surprised and relieved at how easy the negotiations were. “We got everything we wanted,” said the adviser to the Turkish Foreign Ministry of talks with Pence.

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.@realDonaldTrump is flailing. Reversing sanctions against Turkey for brutally attacking our Kurdish partners in exchange for a sham ceasefire seriously undermines the credibility of America’s foreign policy and sends a dangerous message to our allies and adversaries alike.

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Given Trump's brazen lawbreaking, and how corrupt politicians like @marcorubio and @senatemajldr are in encouraging it, if Trump wins reelection in 2020 - when he no longer has to worry about reelection - the horrors will be massive.

History will judge you, Marco and Mitch.

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It took more than three years and many, many reasons, but this is it. I unequivocally regret not only supporting @marcorubio but also defending him against the claim that he’s a coward.

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He's a crook.

He's a thug.

That's our President.

Crime After Crime.


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President Erdogan has given up nothing, and President Trump has given him everything he wanted.

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Ethnic cleansing, assisted and ratified by the president of the United States.

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The Doral in June usually has a 38% occupancy. Miami in summer isn’t easy to sell. With the G7 there, the remaining 62% will be sold. No $$$ to Trump? Gimme a break. Unconstitutional Emoluments from all 7 countries. Plus Russia if Trump invites Putin to “observe.”

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Trump vs. Trump: Kurds Edition

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The kurds lost their homeland in Syria which they fought for with US forces in the battle agaist Isis, losing 11 thousand of their men and women. Tonight they were sold out by Trump who says he saved millions of lives. It will be remembered by the kurds as the greatest betrayal.

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Wow. We bombed our own base on purpose, because of the impulsive decision by @realDonaldTrump didn’t leave time to evacuate the right way. Is this the America you grew up believing in?

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If you look at Trump's foreign policy, many of his actions have principally benefited Russia. He's attacked NATO, blocked aid to Ukraine, & now his decision in Syria has led to more chaos.

When it comes to Vladimir Putin, why does it always seem like Donald Trump bends the knee?

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