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Sickening how 45/MAGA gave U.S. strength to a dictator of a country with an economy smaller than each South Korea, Italy, even the state of Texas. @MarthaMcSally @SenCoryGardner @SenRonJohnson #PutinPuppet #RussiaFirst #GOPComplicit #oiligarchs

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WATCH: Reacting to the wild day we saw at the White House yesterday, @Maddow says it "seems like the wheels are coming off."

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#11MSNBC #11thHour

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#KochBroKyrsten has also partnered w Trump #Oiligarchs. Bow down to #SleazySinema

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We’re partnering with tribal leaders to protect the Grand Canyon, improve internet access, and support opportunities for the Havasupai Tribe.

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@joke2power @JuliaDavisNews Many Republicans on Putin's payroll -- documented -- & now arrests have begun, starting with key middlemen.

#Arrested #Oiligarchs

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Aliens discover #SignsofLife and a #Suicidal Civilization of #Oiligarchs

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Well, we thought we were on track for 5C+ by 2100, but apparently we are actually on track for 7C.

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#RUSSpubliCON states have another tool for mind control. These bastards are the worst of the #Communists mixed up with the worst of the #Oiligarchs and Pederasts.

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"Federal court upholds much of the FCC's net neutrality repeal, but states get the right to choose"

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#OILigarchs take the #profits and kill the #prophets.

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Oil company wants to walk away from 30,000 gallon a day spill in the Gulf via @Florida_Today

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#Petroleum belongs in the form of tar deep in the earth. Put in in your waters and you put it in your people. Not that #OILigarchs and #RUSSpubliCONS give a damn.

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Termed "forever #chemicals," PFAS can take thousands of years to break down in the environment and can remain in our bodies for decades @ewg

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Breaking News: The White House released the transcript of President Trump’s call with the leader of Ukraine. The transcript shows Trump urged Ukraine’s leader to contact Attorney General William Barr about opening an inquiry tied to Joe Biden.

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⚠️So during the week of 9/11, 🤬has cancelled a secret meeting with the Taliban, lost his Sec Adv, can’t remember “no preconditions”, and now awaits instructions from the “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia on what his country should do next!🤬 #UNFIT #CORRUPTION #Oiligarchs 👎

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@AmbJohnBolton I standing with the #oiligarchs, as usual.

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That's why they are raising a #billionbucks and keeping the back door open for Putin's operation. It's why #Derepaska is investing in Kentucky and dozens of other Russian #Oiligarchs are buying up property and making sweet deals with Donald Junior. This is not going to be easy.

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they forgot one thing, in 2020 dems are going to take over, and I have a feeling investigations will happen and convictions will happen and going to prison will happen

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@henderhound @Laudieda2 @FraserInstitute But you won't mind Conservatives giving away "our money" to wealthy investors and corporations and #oiligarchs

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@CNN #OILigarchs are messing with the green laws in every #RUSSpubliCON state. In Ohio, they have a Nuclear Power Initiative that essentially kills all investment in renewables to save Nuclear nightmares like #DavisBessie, where 3/8" of rust kept the Midwestern U.S. from a Chernobyl.

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A #Barren and Treeless world full of gaudy skyscrapers, that's what #OILigarchs want. #RUSSpubliCONs consider this UTOPIA.

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"The first time a lot of the public will know these things are happening is when the log trucks show up." —Senior Attorney Sam Evans on a new U.S. Forest Service proposal to cut the public out of planning for public lands @gregorywallace @CNN

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#HappyJohnMcCainDay Let's recommit today to honorable service. Unlike some, McCain served and served under incredibly difficult circumstances. He learned about Communism in a personal way, it was written on his bones. #RUSSpublCONS sold their party to #Putin and the #OILigarchs.

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I may not have always agreed with his policies over the years, but I will note, that when it counted most, he did the right thing for his country. There is no discounting his heroics as a prisoner of war, his patriotism should never be called into question. #JohnMcCainDay

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@NorbertElekes #All of this is OIL. That's why #Oiligarchs are fighting #Renewables.

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Where do you stand? The #Oiligarchs who once bemoaned #Obama's debt, now scoff as it triples. They sit in board rooms, destroying everything of beauty, turning all of #Nature into #NaturalResources and garbage all our grandchildren will inherit, We must stand together against it.

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@bellesapepper37 If you look back to the Cato, Heritage, the this and that #Foundation for this and that cause, you find #CitizensUnited, the greatest coup the #Oiligarchs ever pulled off. Putin has reportedly said, "The way to Oligarchy is through the Judiciary." AlQaeda means "the Foundation."

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@nightcust @ImJohnEli @LisaKeel9 America along with Israel has contributed to destablizing the Middle East. Weak, chaotic countries make easier quiet conquers for #OILigarchs. #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts

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So there's this: Barr's net worth is about $20 million, but his law firm represents Alfa Bank, a Russian criminal cartel controlled bank. The head of Alfa is Mikahil Fridman, who has ties to Manafort, and others. /1

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@Rachel97264814 @Hell0Sunshyne @JohnCornyn er, 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. Saudi Aramco has had a BOMB of profits (same US #OILigarchs ) ever since. @realDonaldTrump was seen rising the #JihadSword in celebration in Riyahd the other day...

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@htownaficionado @AdrianGarciaHTX Morman would have deferred to his daddy commissioner Rascal who would have deferred to his #OILigarchs bosses

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@AdrianGarciaHTX This notion that we need 2 serve a business-friendly environment to #OILigarchs or they will ....what? Move ops to what state w/same RICH RESOURCES???

That’s a fabled peddled by apparatchiks in government 2 do what they love which is #RobbingTheHood and #RapingTheHood

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@GregAbbott_TX Good cuz you’d be living under one if not for your vocational rehab program of a ‘job’ you do for the #OILigarchs

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@SenTedCruz @DailyCaller You can’t miss a chance to be seen as puppet for the #OILigarchs . !

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@patintx_pat @SenTedCruz #OILigarchs don’t care cuz they come back to their homes in N.C., N.Y., and leave the shithole behind after they are finished

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@markyadavies If #DickNoBodyCheney masterminded riches the likes of which the #OILigarchs had never seen, just imagine under #DonaldMakerOfHeavenAndEarthTrump !!!

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