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I'm sorry you endured that. I'm glad you didn't react with the same hating demeanor.
#RallyAgainstFear #NoFear #HumanityIsEveryone and I can't wait for #ERA to be passed...
unless white, old people in the #VoterSuppression #CorruptGOP object
(full disclosure I am old and white)

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So today I was in the security line at airport wearing my Beto cap. A random guy said, "Beto is a traitor to his own race. He cares more about illegal aliens than us Americans. He even changed his name to be Mexican. I'm glad he's gone."
I was angry but TSA was looking. (1)

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@sujeetShetty78 As am I. He doesn't scare me. Beto taught us not to fear. #rallyagainstfear

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@eleanorweston_ Imho, remain #BetoForever Continue his message #RallyAgainstFear #MarchForOurLives #ClimateChange and please #ERA ! Take men away from lady's decisions. @BetoORourke has a path for justice. I'm unsure of how it goes forward, yet I have every and all confidence it will be good!!!

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@susiedrapes @Hogan80Hogan @BetoORourke So true! I never saw anything about Beto's #RallyAgainstFear on @MSNBC! Complete BS!!!

#BetoForAmerica #HellYes

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@Hogan80Hogan @BetoORourke I had to watch Fox to see coverage of Beto’s #RallyAgainstFear counter to Trump’s rally FFS.

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Amazing how twitter lets Beto trend tonight, right? Remember when he had thousands of tweets for his #RallyAgainstFear that all media ignored and twitter wouldn't let it trend but they trended something for Warren with only 1200 tweets? FU too.

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@rungirlrun07 I feel the same.. like after the #RallyAgainstFear That was huge.. The should take it on the road.

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I was so moved by Rev Waters words @BetoORourke’s #RallyAgainstFear I thought how blessed his congregation was to hear him regularly. #BetoIsMyPresident #Beto2020

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@BellForSenate @mjhegar I recall during #Beto2020's #RallyAgainstFear earlier this month in Ft. Worth, @BellForSenate on stage gave a STRONG and FULL-THROATED ENDORSEMENT for #BetoForPresident, as well as backing #BetoORourke's proposed #BuyBack plan for #WeaponsOfWar. He didn't equivocate or flinch.

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@robertgmz5 Good choice, met her #RallyAgainstFear and she’s awesome. Her introduction was on point!

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This 👇 I'm with Beto. Like and RT if you agree.

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@cristinafortx has my full support in her quest for democratic nominee for senate to replace John Cornyn! Give this interview a watch....and then donate to this candidate! I saw her speak at @BetoORourke's #RallyAgainstFear and she impressed me the most!

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@Former2020 @Indi_Tx27_4Beto @BetoORourke I signed up a couple of 17 year olds at the #rallyagainstfear to go out and canvass.

Volunteering is a great way to amplify your voice, even when you are unable to vote.

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@Sistahsforbeto @BetoORourke @DNC @TomPerez I drove 1000 miles in 24 hours to pick up 3 carpool riders to attend #rallyagainstfear. Don’t think I’ll do that for any one of the seventy-year-olds or the mediocre mayor of a small town. I voted for you @TomPerez. Now I’m regretting my decision.

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WATCH: @cristinafortx discusses her bid for U.S. Senate #txsen

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A new Weekly Update with some cool guests that I got to drive around. This week: #RallyAgainstFear, salads, Beto in NY, and the real RF1. 🥗🗽

(CC @ofirahy, @Rob_Flaherty, @Rob_Flaherty)

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@EnoughImpeach45 @bryanistheway @BetoORourke @KamalaHarris @mjhegar Honestly I was at the #rallyagainstfear and MJ is cool and all but Royce West was amazing and so was Amanda Edwards !

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@stephengrovesjr @IfrahAsmat Happy Birthday to @IfrahAsmat!
I her with her checking folks in/giving wristbands at the #rallyagainstfear and she was AWESOME!

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All they need to do is edit that one from the #rallyagainstfear and start running that. @BetoORourke #BetoIsMyPresident

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@robsfriedlander @BetoORourke You guys need to gets ads up in an early state! Now!! WTF

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Thanks to everyone who followed along the #rallyagainstfear last week! If you’d like to know more, you can check out @keranews ‘s article on it:
And the article I wrote for the @thedailycampus !

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@TXYesBoy Someone else was talking about this yesterday. In the twiiterverse I see a lot of support for Beto, despite the fact that he gets so little recognition on msm. I didn't hear his #rallyagainstfear mentioned at all on @MSNBC or @CNNPolitics. I have seen Bullock on msnbc and cnn.

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@AlexiaCampbell @KimsMom3 That's because media refuses to cover him or report on all his amazing plans he's released, Did you know he held a counter rally to Trump in Texas calling it the #RallyAgainstFear where 6,000 showed up? They didn't mention that one either. You should check all his plans out.

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@semperdiced @ATXKrystal Our girl and I at #RallyAgainstFear last week. She has a good side no matter what - me...not so much #DontCareTotesWorthIt

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As well it should be.
Why are weapons of war allowed? NRA rating and subsequent donations, that's why.

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Just reliving the FANTASTIC #rallyagainstfear from last Thursday in Dallas! @BetoORourke lit that thing up! It was such a wonderful gathering of folks too!

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.@BetoORourke says his admin. would not go door to door to confiscate firearms in order to enforce his gun buyback plan but says if someone is found with an AR-15 or AK-47 "of course there are going to be consequences and that weapon will be taken from that person" #PostLive

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You get it!
#BetoForAmerica #Beto2020 #MarchForOurLives #ERA #HumanityIsEveryone #RallyAgainstFear #NoFear
Listening is what informs @BetoORourke . Not polls, not PACS, not corporations
People, everyday people

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Can we just agree that in the future every party should only advance presidential nominees who believe in democracy and support the constitution of the United States?

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That's okay @gtconway3d .
Your observation is a start.
@BetoORourke is a good, really good candidate. Doesn't mix words. States his policies and promotes them, under questioning, with "receipts". All. The. Time.
#RallyAgainstFear #ERA #MarchForOurLives #BetoForAmerica #Beto2020

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@ABCNewsLive @BetoORourke @devindwyer He's only "struggling" because the bias media jas their picks & want to force them on us! The ONLY time they NEVER report anything good he does which is DAILY! Not ONE news media covered his #RallyAgainstFear & THAT was a MESSAGE!! The others are too scared!!

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Not gonna get spun up by the angry twitter feminists. In my real world, women who have a female as their no.1 have NEVER said a snide remark abt Beto or shamed me for loving him. They know he’s on their side. #BetoForAmerica #WomenForBeto #Beto2020

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Very interesting discovery and ensuing family bonding. Great advice!!!
#RallyAgainstFear @BetoORourke
#BetoForAmerica #Beto2020

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#RallyAgainstFear #ERA #MeTooMovement
Women have been "manhandled" far, far too long!
Men are/were the insemenators! Where's the legislative responsibility for the men???

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WTF is wrong with people? Just because I do not support Harris as my first choice, makes me a racist? Just because I don’t support Pete at all makes me a homophobic person? If I don’t support a woman, I am anti feminist? Someone help me understand?

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The key here is that @BetoORourke put Texas in play by traveling everywhere. Beto can beat Trump in Texas because he is one of the only candidates with the energy to barnstorm such a massive state *and* compete in every other battleground state. #Beto2020

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Lots of EP folks in DFW last week. #nofear #elpasostrong #rallyagainstfear #betoforamerica #beto2020 @ The Theatre at Grand Prairie

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#PartyCrashers premiere episode is here! David Hogg @davidhogg111 meets up with 17 y/o @MarcelMcClinton who's running for Houston City Council!

Please check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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This bill is unconstitutional, it's wrong. And it's on all of us to stand up to these attacks on reproductive freedom.

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That’s not an endorsement. That’s just a geographic-political observation.

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