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If Nintendo do ever dropped a papermario n64 amd thousand year door combo pack I'd by it in a heartbeat full 59.99 wouldn't care for switch

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Forgot a few! Turns out Toadette is pretty important in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door! #PaperMario #ThousandYearDoor #RemakeThousandYearDoor #Toadette #PaperToadette #SmashBrosBrawl

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@ActualAero 1.) Paper Mario Thousand Year Door #RemakeThousandYearDoor (30 points), 2.) Zelda Skyward Sword Remake (20 points), 3.) Metroid Prime Trilogy HD (40 points), and 4.) The Wonderful 101 (10 points)(this game deserves another chance).

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Gamecube was released on this day in North America, 15 years ago (2004)

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This is Goombella's Gramps hes a professor! #RemakeThousandYearDoor #ProfessorFrankly

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Now its time for The Thousand Year Door! #Mario #PaperMario #RemakeThousandYearDoor

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Hey Nintendo, I think it’s time we talk about #RemakeThousandYearDoor. This is what fans want; furthermore, it would be great to have a GameCube game on the Switch. So, pretty please!!

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@NintendoAmerica Please Nintendo. Give us what we waaaaant also known to a lot as #remakethousandyeardoor

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@staryoshi06 @gamingmentor101 If they #RemakeThousandYearDoor, they should bring this back/put this in for the English version. Vivian is best cinnamon roll. 😊

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@Wattereo2 Love your artwork!! I’m so happy everyone are still keeping #RemakeThousandYearDoor strong! 😊

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Guys! Everyone needs to band together to get a TTYD remake! Here’s the discord server! #RemakeThousandYearDoor

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@thetruebowser Yoah Bowser. I was wondering when is your papery version of yourself going to get a true rpg game? And i mean with all that thousand year door story and enemies felling goodness. Could you see if you can get anything started with that? #Remakethousandyeardoor

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Nintendo: Let's Show Nintendo How Much We Want Thousand Year Door HD - ¡Firmá la petición! vía @ChangeorgAR #RemakeThousandYearDoor

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Forget about #RemakeThousandYearDoor, I have far more desire for a Switch version of Super Mario 3D World.

Stick in Cat Waluigi as a playable character and it can even be a straight port for all I care.

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@DynamoSuper Based on the fanmade Art here, easily that M&L game with Wario and Waluigi. But these aside, probably a new Paper Mario. Or #RemakeThousandYearDoor of course

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Why should you listen to Episode 6?

- We explain #remakethousandyeardoor and why it's time for Paper to come back.

- Figuring out if a sequel to Smash Bros. is even possible?

- Rayman Rabbids are back, and we are horrified/excited.

- More antics!

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Since I forgot to plug last week's show, go listen to that, and tonight's episode (6) will be live in about 6 hours! 😊

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