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Seems Trump’s defense in betraying America is to admit his crimes when caught & then say they aren’t crimes! And repeat the lie over & over! Been his way forever! Remember Trump is a pathological liar! #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarr #impeachment #TrumpGenocide

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#TrumpGenocide #TrumpGenocideInSyria President of United States has become The Turkish Cheerleader for genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kurds

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@VP @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo Your ‘Land for Peace’ deal with Turkey seems to be a total sham today, not just the total capitulation and a total disgrace it was yesterday. Thoughts? #ceasefire #TrumpGenocide

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Warning ⚠️ Images are Graphic. The #TrumpGenocide is upon the earth. This is part your legacy #DonaldTrump, #RudyGiuliani et al. #GOPComplicitTraitors #SyriaCrisis #SyrianKurds

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@realDonaldTrump Projecting again Donnie?

Adam Schiff is not corrupt. But you are. Your decision to violate ethics laws and the Emoluments Clause by making Doral the site of next year's G7 conference is the latest manure thrown into the manure pit of your presidency


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@realDonaldTrump Great news, how do you plan to locate all of those ISIS fighters who are no longer in custody due to your moronic asinine self-serving decisions? #TrumpGenocide #TrumpTraitor #impeachment

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@TvModerate @CNN Lol I know Ivanka got 16 Chinese trademarks since her dad's been in office and made 132 million last year Got a 100 million from the 911 killer Arabs....and jr and Eric are penniless right?? Done with you because I know facts dont matter with you maga hypocrites #TrumpGenocide

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#TrumpGenocide si conferma, se mai qualcuno avesse avuto dei dubbi, un cinico mentecatto ed #ErdoganWarCriminal un criminale di guerra...

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@FLOTUS how bout this story? Care to comment cause your husband #45isunfit DID THIS! BARRON WILL FOREVER BE LINKED AS THE SON OF THE TRAITOR THAT CAUSED #TrumpGenocide

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@realDonaldTrump Your actions in the Middle East are actually helping terrorist groups. Your refusal to denounce white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups in the US fuels domestic terrorism. #DictatorDonald #Trump #TrumpGenocide #TrumpBetrayedKurds

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@davidaxelrod @POTUS To be fair, Trump doesn't know what he's talking about; he's never actually been around any kids.


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Axios: Pompeo defends Turkey negotiations amid claims U.S. sold out the Kurds.

via @GoogleNews

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Trump/Pence/Pompeo lied like they do about everything else. Richard Engel said ethnic cleansing of Kurds is still occurring & he’s on ground there. Congress needs to act to save our allies the Kurds w/air & ground fire power. @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats

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@realDonaldTrump You can spin it as much as you want. People remember. Everyone remembers you pulled out US troops after a phone call with Erdogan, & abandoning our allies the Kurds. Everyone remembers the civilians killed and ISIS prisoners escaping. All you. All on you. #TrumpGenocide

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@realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan How many people did you kill while telling the world there was a cease fire? How much blood is on your hands? And @RandPaul's?

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@davidfrum @JohnCornyn @realDonaldTrump Is this what kids on the playground do?


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@CNNPolitics Victimized?

The guy who liedto start the Iraq war, is hiding evidence of his own and #TraitorTrump crimes, and is a primary architect of #TrumpGenocide is a “victim,” ladies and gentlemen.

Irony stabbed in the throat, once again

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Surprise, surprise. Mulvaney played Russian roulette at his presser yesterday and now has to face the consequences
#TrumpGenocide #TrumpColluded #ImpeachTheMF

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The Washington Post: Fighting continues in Syrian border town despite Turkish agreement to halt offensive.

via @GoogleNews

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This old man is my barber’s father ... he died in a a barbaric Turkish air strike near Tel-Tamer 😢😢 ...he already lost a brother in the fight against ISIS ..


#TwitterKurds #StandWithTheKurds

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The Kurds: The Most Famous Unknown People in the World | Stephen Mansfie... via @YouTube 19 minutes. #SaveTheKurds #KurdishGenocide #MAGA2020 #TrumpBetrayedKurds #TrumpGenocide

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@realDonaldTrump Republicans are the party of treason Putin, Erdogan, selling out our allies, shredding the Constitution and bringing back ISIS.
#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #TrumpGenocide #TrumpBetrayedKurds #GOPBetrayedTheKurds #MakeISISGreatAgain #FuckDonaldTrump

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Trump’s friends and the GOP are responsible!

The GOP could’ve stopped Trump long ago!

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The experts are investigating the use of prohibited phosphorus bombs in Serêkaniyê by Turkey.

Here is footage of the injured civilians from Serêkaniyê who are now in the Wetenî Hospital in Hesekê.


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Trump just used the term "ultimate solution" while discussing Turkey's forced migration & Genocide of the Kurdish People. This terminology is deliberate & premeditated — remarkably similar to the term, "Final Solution", the Nazi plan for the genocide of Jews during World War II.

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Can you believe I am doing this important work for our Country, and have to deal with Corrupt Adam Schiff and the Do Nothing Democrats at the same time? It was not intended to be this way for a President!

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'Dad stop the burning, I beg you': Horrifying footage reveals badly-burned Kurdish children in Syria amid claims Turkey is using banned weapons such as napalm and white phosphorus

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: President Trump is thinking about firing acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

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#UPDATE Deadly Turkish air strikes on Friday shattered an hours-old US-brokered deal to stop Ankara's military offensive against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria #RasAlAin

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He was a Kurdish reporter. I say "was" because he is dead now. His wife and baby too. Every Republican in this country has the blood of this beautiful family on their hands. #TrumpGenocide #KurdsBetrayed #BloodOnYourHandsGOP

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En los primeros nueve meses de 2019 la Misión de Asistencia de las Naciones Unidas en 🇦🇫Afganistán reportó 8.239 víctimas civiles, entre muertos y heridos. 41% de las muertes fueron mujeres y niños.
Este mes se cumplieron 18 años de la invasión de 🇺🇸EE UU

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GOP talking points three weeks ago: the call transcript shows NO quid pro quo!

Mulvaney today: of course there was a quid pro quo. That’s how you do foreign policy.

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