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@jclane @jkempcpa @ananavarro @JoeBiden Right, Jason. The problem is, people like Jeff have no clue what "social" means. Biden may be a compromise, but corporations will still have too much power under him. Who really wants a positive change FOR the country and the people, only #BernieSanders or #Warren can do that.

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Wahlkampf in Amerika: Elizabeth #Warren ist die Marathon-Frau #fplus via @faznet

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Right. I spent half of my life in a social democracy. I KNOW it's best for all ppl. And there are mill & billionnaires. But all have healthcare, unions,higher minimum wages, $$ for poor w/children. We need #warren to make it happen here! #VoteBlue

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@GAupke @ProudResister Their belief is that this system was designed by and for them, leaves no room for anyone else to matter.
People of color do not matter
Women do not matter. The poor do not matter. Laws & the constitution does not matter.

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@QueenInYeIIow Wow. #Warren is crazy rude and totally off putting.

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Dems know it's a bad idea for GE, most want Public Option trotted out for it not a mandatory version of #MedicareForAll. If @ewarren loses #Dem2020, the decision to glom onto dense #Bernie will be why
#Warren #news

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@ArtemisCapitals @AndrewYang Why people are not paying attention to #AndrewYang when a perfect plan out their not taxing people and giving literally a life boat & supporting those con artist who want to break the system which is Lie for votes and run away when questions asked #Warren

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More from the #NH poll:
If hapless #Biden is state frontrunner, could it be that @ewarren is already seeing fallout from glomming onto #Bernie's GE loser plan of mandatory #MedicareForAll?

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Since '16 for me Rs are not to be listened to, liked, adhered to, have no say in anything, taken seriously. They have willingly demolished the US & all it stands for. Who says we have to do anything they like? My fav is #Warren but I #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

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I have to say, I’ve personally been soft on #Warren. She seemed like a pretty good progressive even if she’s no @BernieSanders. But this is fucking disgusting. You don’t have a right to call yrself a progressive when you throw immigrants under the bus. Fucking disgusting.

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What an endorsement! No bankster support!

"Warren’s wealth tax isn’t only causing panic among billionaires. It’s also starting to alarm major Democratic donors—some finance executives have warned that they’ll sit out, or back Trump, if #Warren clinches the nomination in 2020."

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Respect his military experience, but focus should be gender parity at the top. #warren, #harris, #Klobuchar, & or Gabbard, thanks.

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@letsberealppl2 #Warren, Her voice is like someone who is begging for something 😂 #Kamala sounds like she smokes something and #Bernie reminds me the old Man from family Guy show.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/11/19 FULL | Breaking Fox News November 11, 2019 via @YouTube

According to the DemocRAT General agemda, IF YOU don’t support #Elizabeth #Warren, you are NOW a *** #SEXIST **

Ridiculous is actually a compliment in her SAD case 🥴

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Glad that #MSNBC cleared up the position of #BillGates on his #political stance & his comments regarding #Warren, I appreciate that they took the time to do that & explain the misinterpretation on Twitter. I was one of the many who saw it the wrong way when the news broke.

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@PramilaJayapal #WARren voted for Trump's war budgets.

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Elizabeth #Warren can remember what she wore yesterday...

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"As societies polarize, the attempts by reformers and moderates such as #Sanders and #Warren to halt the disorder, defuse the mounting hatreds and antagonisms that are increasingly expressed through #Violence and salvage #Democratic norms prove fruitless"

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Please stop saying that we have to vote for the candidate in the primary that Republicans like the best. Republicans don’t consult with us before picking their nominee. They pick the most racist and corrupt motherf*cker in the bunch and then they shove them down our throats.

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@lou_tenore @CatsRule1226 @Manny_Funes @amyklobuchar Our entire household is voting for #Warren , in ADDITION to ♥️ing WOLVES. ☑️

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@PramilaJayapal Crazy as Hell Liz #WARren Lied About Being Fired for Being Pregnant -- And Now There Are Records to Prove It via @gatewaypundit #LyingLiz #NeverWARren #Bernie2020 #NOEqual

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@CNN My 2020 vote is for #Warren because we do need to increase #SocialSecurity by $200 a month by #Taxing the #Wealthy!

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@JoeBiden My 2020 vote is for #Warren because we do need to increase #SocialSecurity by $200 a month by #Taxing the #Wealthy!

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@MSNBC My 2020 vote is for #Warren because we do need to increase #SocialSecurity by $200 a month by #Taxing the #Wealthy!

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#WarrenIsUntrustworthy If #Warren were a #Progressive she would have supported #Bernie in 2016...end of story.

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@MarrtyW For primary I’m #Harris or #Warren. For general I’m #VoteBlue blue

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@ibrahimpols If we really want a national health system we got one shot
Dont forget @BarackObama promised it, and then stay silent as we headed for Republican Care ACA.. #Warren will do the same cause she will take that ROTTEN Wall Street PAC money if Nominated>per HER!

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Warren: I'm fighting for BIG structural change!

Will you abolish ICE?

Warren: No

Should billionaires should exist?

Warren: Yes

How about having a VP's son on a foreign board?

Warren: I'll have to get back to you

The 1st 2 primary sta-

Warren: I'm just a player in the game

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#Warren supporters big mad

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@davidsirota @BernieSanders Or in disguise giving a free ride to #Warren by tying up #Bernie2020

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My 2020 vote is for #Warren because we do need to increase #SocialSecurity by $200 a month by #Taxing the #Wealthy!

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#cnn really doesn't like #JoeBiden, he has a 'narrow' lead in #NewHampshire. He's 4 points ahead of #Warren & #Sanders in a state right next to their own.

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#Warren is slipping I like the gal but Pat is correct. Meanwhile she's complicit not speaking up about her friend and the #BernieBlackout he would speak up for her if they were not covering her campaign and flipping her poll numbers with his as they are doing

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Once again Biden claims that after Trump’s gone, Republicans will see the light and all of a sudden become decent people who want to work w/ Democrats. The problem with his claim is that it’s not supported by reality. We don’t need magical thinking. We need a fighter. #Warren2020

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Had to call my mobile provider just to get the verification code for the full frontal game. I was not receiving automated txts for some reason. It was totally worth it, bc guess what #Yanggang? @AndrewYang is in first place!!! 🤓

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Elizabeth Warren triangulates on immigration:

“We need ICE" for "our safety" against “threats” of drugs and terrorism.

Warren refuses to commit to suspending deportations.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will, as President, #AbolishICE and suspend deportations.

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Buttigieg said female veterans and service members have been neglected, including on concerns about sexual harassment and women’s health.

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Warren isn't good at politics on any level. The idea that she's running a good campaign is another media fabrication. Pay attention to her terrible answers to literally every question she's asked

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