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um...@GOPLeader...the "transcript" (which is really a #memo) IS the reason this started.

but keep lying. solidifies the death of the @GOP.

#ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #impeachment

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I for one am enjoying the impeachment. #impeach #impeachment

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Invest in people! Not coal, or soybeans! Or businesses or banks! We need to put our efforts behind human capital! We are our number one resource and concern. People first! #AMJoy #reiders #ImpeachTrump #impeachment

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If I'm hoping that the Senate is bluffing and votes for #impeachment and removal, is that wrong? It may be the @GOP's only path to redemption and saving their party. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #SorryNotSorry

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Wouldn’t it NOT be wise to visit one of the countries involved in the #impeachment proceedings ? Just a thought

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@SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler

In matters of #Impeachment why doesnt the Supreme Court justices get Congressional subpoenas that have been going to the lower courts first?

The Judiciary is the 3rd co=branch of gov't afterall.

It would seem more plausible.

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The impeachment of Donald Trump, explained #Trump #GOP #impeachment #Democrat #USA #Constitution

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#Impeachment: There was one weak argument for the President by Turley in stating impeachment should not be done out of ANGER. No one is arguing the ASSUMPTION of motive. Personal gain? what about assuring no foreign involvement in elections that might have taken place in 2016

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#SpeakerPelosi keeps refering to the Constitution but is not following it. #impeachment IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL #Democrats need a course on the constitution & then have to take a test passing with A+

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BEST ADVICE for @SpeakerPelosi.
Monday morning call a presser & state:
"We in #Congress are here to serve the will of the people. The people have spoken. We will not pursue #impeachment against Trump."
Then announce your retirement, go home & pray the DOJ don't come a knocking

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@RepTedDeutch How come all of you progressives talk about things not being about politics whereas we the people know everything you do is about politics? See Queen Nancy saying #impeachment is not about politics. Shameful. #TermLimitsforCongress #gettowork

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«Les gens ont de vraies questions là-dessus»: Les questions sur Hunter et l'Ukraine obscurcissent la tournée électorale de Biden #USA #Ukraine #Biden @realDonaldTrump #impeachment #DemPrimary #DemDebate #crowdstrike #HunterBiden #Burisma #Corruption

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#impeachment is the circus for the #Beltway crowd, chattering class, and corporate #media.

It's like #twitter. Not to be confused with the real world for #Americans

#USA #uspolitics #JobsReport

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@SpeakerPelosi Here’s why you should keep The Mueller report out of the articles of impeachment: If these offenses were impeachable then, why didn’t you impeach? It dilutes from the severity of the Ukraine offenses. #impeachment

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I REALLY want @realDonaldTrump removed...but I LIKE this option.

Just let #impeachment hang over that #narcissist’s head until the #BlueTsunami2020. We can take back the #Senate and kick his #treasonous a** out if he manages to cheat his way to a win again.

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Hey @matthewamiller, if the trial in the Senate is comparable to an actual trial, why is Mitch McConnell empowered akin to a presiding judge? Would Democrats not be able to submit motions to Chief Justice Roberts for him to rule on the fairness of proceedings? #impeachment

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I've been trying to figure out why Republicans are so giddy right now compared to Democrats. I know there's the money printing. But the real driver is this impeachment circus and the need to support corruption:

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My cat tuning into the #impeachment hoax!! She hissed when #crookednancypelosi couldn't say the word #constitution 😂😂
#KAG #Trump2020landslide

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@gtconway3d And let's be honest...how much further divided can we really get?

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Any Senator, after reviewing the evidence, who votes against #impeachment is breaking their oaths of office and must be removed. #ImpeachAndRemove #indictPence first

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As Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward, Questions Around Pompeo Continue To Swirl - NPR #impeachment

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An excellent point @SpeakerPelosi made: we can have (major) policy differences with Trump over immigration, taxes, environment, health insurance, and resolve them with elections.
But when he abuses his power to unfairly rig the next election, the only remedy is #impeachment .

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Hey @RepBenMcAdams. Your constituents support #impeachment. Please support us.

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Poll Results are in regarding did Americans know that no U.S. Senator can campaign while they seek Articles of Impeachment.

36 out of 50 ppl didn't know this basic fact.

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Proof for cause of #impeachment is now zero. No quid pro quo, bribery, obstruction of justice. Now they say “Trump says he can do what he wants”. Again, made up! Article II of the Constitution separates powers of legislative and executive branches. The liars need to read it.

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Mitch McConnell’s effort to sabotage Trump impeachment could hit this brick wall

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Serious question: this is United States of America— A constitutional republic— how can Nancy Pelosi impeach a duly elected president based on a hoax, with no witnesses to a crime and no evidence of a crime whatsoever!


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Rep. Kevin McCarthy: "Had Speaker Pelosi spend at least 48 hours and waited until the transcript came forth, America would not have to go through this nightmare."

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Shorter Schiff: "Resign, Pence."

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John Brennan, former Director of the CIA and TRAITOR, speaks in 2016 at the Council on Foreign Relations👺 to promote #GeoEngineering and climate manipulation through “stratospheric aerosol injection” ... a/k/a #chemtrails.


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MORE FRIDAY NEWS: House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff just sent this letter to VP Pence asking the admin to declassify Jennifer Williams’ supplemental testimony to impeachment investigators.

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Kimberley Strassel: Obtaining phone logs of political rivals is a stunning abuse of congressional power

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From @KimStrassel: The abuse of power most media are ignoring.

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266,000 new non-farm jobs added to the economy last month.
More minorities working than ever before.
@realDonaldTrump delivering on his promise that a rising economic tide will lift all boats.
Tell me again how the Democrat-driven #impeachment helps the

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Let’s impeach him now and NOT send it to the Senate rather keep investigating in the House, and add such supplemental articles as needed! Just let it hang over his head. If the worst happens and he is re-elected, send it to the Senate. But keep investigating!!

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Has the #GOP become a Russian asset?

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