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“Justice too long delayed is justice denied” -Dr. King jr. #proudtobeLBUSD

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So many of our students are suffering from anxiety. Let's do everything we can to prevent negative behaviors fueled by students feeling anxious. #proudtobelbusd #hudsonhawks #lafaylions

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TY Empire Polo Grounds! 60 fields, approx 120 teams playing at once, 2 gorgeous days of LAX ! Amazing venue!! #proudtobelbusd

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GET READY! New @DonorsChoose project has an opportunity for 2x donation match on 1/23 to #supportthearts. Putting a @OfficialCricut in the hands of Ss offers an opportunity for endless creativity! #proudtobeLBUSD @WhittierLBUSD @MakerEdOrg @MakerEduCollect

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💚🐰💛 #proudtobeLBUSD

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#ProudtobeLBUSD @cedjags Ss w/Mr. Fisher envisioning & brain storming a great robotics design... @LBSchools @HSOLBUSD @CornejoCheryl

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Three Long Beach Poly football alums are playing on championship Sunday for a shot at the Super Bowl! Good luck to the Long Beach guys

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"When #anxiety is fueling the behavior, it’s the most confusing and complicated to figure out," says @jessica_minahan #edchat #teaching #teachertips @Kschwart

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“Pressures to focus on ‘basics’ & ‘academic rigor’ often distract us, & we forget that healthy development & well-being require children to experience a sense of autonomy, relatedness, & competence” Johnston & Ivey (2015) in #180Days by @KellyGToGo & @pennykittle #proudtobeLBUSD

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@RealMsCombs RI.9-10.7, RI.9-10.8, & SL.9-10.3 I know your question was most likely rhetorical, but these standards are quite possibly the most important CCSS standards we teach to prepare students to be radical thinkers and active citizens. #ReadAgainstTheGrain #proudtobeLBUSD

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#SelfCareSaturday MLK weekend day 1 LBX to Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont #gobears #proudtobeLBUSD

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Packed Saturday School Class! 7th Graders Reviewing The Most Missed Problems/Conceptions for Unit 3 Ratios and Proportions 🐒 #EndOfTheSemesterGrind #ProudToBeLBUSD @LBUSD_MATH @MrMontanezJorge @StaceyBenuzzi

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Do any of our current common core standards truly address the need to teach our students how to navigate the minefield of trash journalism that exists on the internet? Perhaps a new senior English elective is needed. #proudtobelbusd #mediamatters

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So proud of one of our seniors. He delivered a heartwarming speech to the Mariners Outreach Foundation at the Del Rey Yacht Club today. Great way to spend a Saturday!! @SchoolsAvalon #lancerpride #proudtobelbusd

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The solution to many educational goals is to increase volume of S reading. It’s NOT so they can answer multiple choice or short constructed response questions. It’s so they can generate original thinking from what they learned while reading #proudtobeLBUSD #ReadMore #EndTestPrep

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Beautiful - adults, youth and all things @LBSchools! #proudtobeLBUSD

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Here is the original link... #proudtobelbusd

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Really interesting perspective about the stress of applying to college these days. our kids are valued and loved for all that they are, not just a GPA, OR SAT score.

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#selfcaresaturday in Shoreline Village after Spin Class!! #successinthewest #proudtobeLBUSD

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A beautiful morning at the MLK day parade & celebration in Long Beach. So proud of our Male and Female leadership Academies for their participation. #proudtobeLBUSD

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#SelfCareSaturday means two miles for momma and a lot more for the kiddos (who actually ran). Kid 1 made the track team so weekend runs are now a must. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Trout eggs were delivered!
Thank you Mr. Chambers & Mr. Dees @LBCastingClub volunteers for a safe delivery! We watched as eggs were deposited into our tank. So much nervous excitement. 8 wks of fostering until release! @JLAJaguars #proudtobeLBUSD #TICJLA #TroutInTheClassroomLBUSD

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So excited to march with these groups representing diversity and peace #proudtobelbusd @MSK8LBUSD @DrRoshann @DianaEHernande2 @Mrs_C_Walker

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Proud of our Female and Male Academy. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Luna, Ms. Silva and Ms. Walker #proudtobelbusd @MSK8LBUSD @eli_lund @DrRoshann @DianaEHernande2

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Proud to be representing Washington Middle School in the annual MLK Parade WITH ⁦@SuptSteinhauser#wmsmla #proudtobeLBUSD@DrRoshann⁩ ⁦⁦@wms_patriotslb

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It is a great day for the Dr. King Unity Parade! LBUSD Male and Female Leadership Ss are riding in the parade with the LBUSD Board of Education members. #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Celebrating MLK Day #proudtobelbusd thanks to Ms. Snider and Coach Maria @MSK8LBUSD @wms_patriotslb @DrRoshann @DianaEHernande2

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Wilson Counselors are amazing! Breakfast celebrating their work around Social Emotional learning of students!

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Future educators 📣👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Want to join @LBSchools? #LBUSD will be hosting a recruitment night! 🎉🤩 #ProudtobeLBUSD
📆 Tuesday, February 25, 6-7:30pm
📍 Cabrillo Highschool
For more info:👇

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Stanford Key Keepers passed their keys to honor their colleagues this week! #unlockinglearningthroughrelationships 🔑 #ProudtoBeLBUSD

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#SelfCareSaturday Sunrise at Sandstorm Lacrosse Tourney💕 Ready for a weekend of fun! #proudtobeLBUSD

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Help students debunk fake news and challenge toxic ideas with the all-new News and Media Literacy Resource Center from @CommonSenseEd. Check it out.

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I enjoyed making a RAMtastic memory with teacher-friends. Self care accountability through our Staff Social Committee. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Cabrillo FIRST robotics team happy about their design, but don't look. Great job team. Thank you Nkechi Okorie for your guidance. #ced #jaguarpride #successinthewest #cedjags

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Oh, how I love visiting a college campus. An honor to spend the a.m. w/ the inaugural UCLA Women’s School Leadership Institute cohort talking about leading for equity. @LBSchools is well represented with 3 of our own 🌟 participating - Drs. An, Brown & Johnson. #proudtobeLBUSD

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So grateful for your expertise, passion and story that are supporting adults and youth across our city @Djeliba. Thank you for helping us to shift the conversations and to do better by #allthechildren. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Rockin' Fit-A-Thon ~ we raised $29,619 of our $30,000 goal. Thank you, MacArthur students, families, and community for your time and generous donations. #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Continuing to build on our previous discussions around equity, bias, inclusion and systemic racism at Bancroft Middle School. Who says you can't have a little fun while delving deep into extremely serious issues? #proudtobeLBUSD #cityoflongbeach #babathestoryteller

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Please RSVP by texting LBUSD RECRUITMENT to 52855
#LBUSDrecruitment #proudtobeLBUSD

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They should read! @KyleneBeers #MVSRoom21

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