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Me too👍🏼. Took a screenshot last night to remind me to bring the idea to @BixbyBeavers/@BixbyDi on Monday. Your thoughts, @BridgetGengler? A good fit for the Equity, Inclusion, Culture and Climate Committee you’re leading for us on campus this year:)? #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBSchools

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Triton alumnus also, @AGuzmanLopez? @UCSanDiego (Thurgood Marshall College), Class of 1995 here. Trying to work any angle for a chat over coffee for @BixbyDi/ @BixbyBeavers:). Yep, I’ve officially crossed-over into full groveling mode now🤓... #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBSchools

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Action Packed! was a huge success! So thankful to all of our volunteers for all of their help at Roosevelt Elementary today! #grateful #collaborationinaction #proudtobelbusd #creatingsmilesALLB

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Self care Saturday... a little nap, gym, nail salon and off to Sprouts for healthier food choices! #proudtobelbusd cares about their leaders!

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Sato Key Club showed up strong to help Kiwanis plant trees. #proudtobeLBUSD

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What a fantastic day at Roosevelt Ele. School handing out school uniforms and supplies to students by the Assistance League. #proudtobeLBUSD #AllMeansAll

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A memorable day spent reflecting, pushing our thinking and growing together. We are all

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Be still, mi corazón❣*The* @AGuzmanLopez, education reporter for @KPCC, just liked my tweet invite for café y conversación about our Spanish Dual Immersion program. Extending the invite to @PedroANoguera. Dream big, Twitterverse:)@bixbybeavers/@BixbyDi #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBSchools

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Thanks @thezenteacher for the reminder to be kind to myself! So easy to forget and get out of balance. Every morning starts with prayer/meditation and gratitude which increases my #selfcare and self-compassion. #proudtobeLBUSD #SelfcareSaturday

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Great to be part of “Super Saturdays” The students had a blast! #MakeLearningFun #GreatTurnout #ProudtobeLBUSD

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@TeachMeMrWest @HSOLBUSD @TeachMeMrWest your presentations were amazing today. The 8th grade families loved the @GetKahoot that you put together for them. There was an infectious buzz emanating from you guests as they left your session. #lbpoly #ProudtobeLBUSD

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When you run into one of your favorite former colleagues at a district event...(just don’t tell him I said so #GottaPlayItCool)
#proudtobeLBUSD #BruinsAndJackrabbits #whatrivalry #establishyourself #flex

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Great day today in my district! Our school of choice summit—a GREAT opportunity for 8th graders & families to learn about high schools in our district—was a hit! My presentation, of course, HAD to be interactive 😉
#YouKnowMe #SayNo2SageOnTheStage #studentvoice #proudtobeLBUSD

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Dooley Saturday School got this right! What a great morning of teacher and student engagement. #proudtobelbusd

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Congrats to our Moore League teams in the playoffs. @LBPolyVB @volleyball_lb @Rams_Volleyball so happy to see we all have a shot at making some noise this year. @562sports #LancerNation #MooreLeagueStrong #proudtobelbusd

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#SelfCareSaturday is finally checking out Plant Power fast food! Yum black bean burger, fries, coleslaw and special sauce. #proudtobeLBUSD

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These RAMbassadors were off the hook! So much #rampride! Way to show up #MillikanSEGA! #proudtobeLBUSD

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WMS Cheer do Beach CleanUp giving back to our community. Thanks to Ms. Ramirez & Ms. Snider @wms_patriotslb @MSK8LBUSD #proudtobelbusd

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TY to everyone who helped make HS Choice Fair #1 a success! 💚 #successinthewest #proudtobelbusd

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I love bragging about all the great things at Millikan! Thanks PEACE students (past and present) for sharing your experiences with interested 8th graders! Such a great High School Choice Fair! If you missed us today, McBride: Nov 2 and site night: Nov 14 #ProudtobeLBUSD #RamPride

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Our WMS Cheerleaders participate in the Beach CleanUp @justinrudd @MSK8LBUSD @eli_lund @DrRoshann #Proudtobelbusd

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Wilson’s Pathway Ambassadors sharing their story at Choice Fair #1 . Such a dedicated group of student leaders! #ProudToBeLBUSD

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“This is what community collaboration is.” - @Djeliba It was an honor to spend the day at our Ed Services Retreat yesterday, having some deep conversations about equity, and how we are going to continue to build a system of support for our kids and staff. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Action Pack Day at Roosevelt. Thank you Assistance League of Long Beach for making this such a successful event. We love Operation School Bell! #proudtobelbusd

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High School Choice Fair!!! #proudtobeLBUSD

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Saturday school was fun to say the least. All of my babies showed up and showed out. #wolverinepride #htownhms #teacherladyhms #proudtobelbusd

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Amazing day at the #proudtobelbusd Education Service Retreat! Spent the day discussing alignment of goals to support students and staff , developing our mission and vision, and engaging in honest dialogue about equity with @Djeliba

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Way to go team Wilson! Choice Fair was awesome. Our Pathway Ambassadors rocked their presentations 😎 #ProudToBeLBUSD #GDTBAB

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HS Choice: We want everyone to be a @polyjackrabbits, but more importantly we want you to find the best fit for you and your family. No bad choices in @LBSchools but there is a best fit for you. #ProudtobeLBUSD #LBPolyPathways

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“Super” engaging lessons happening during “Super Saturdays” at Webster! Thankful for amazing students and incredible teachers! Thank you to @SuptSteinhauser for the opportunity to provide more for our students! #websterwildcatsdeserveit #proudtobeLBUSD

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Great to see so many Wildcats, parents and community out on Saturday to help with neighborhood clean up! @FCMSwildcats

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Thank you to our SEGA Rambassadors for coming out on a Saturday morning and sharing your Millikan experience with future SEGA students. Big thank you to Luc alumni for volunteering his time and big thanks to our #MillikanSEGA teachers #rampride #proudtobelbusd

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Spa date with the hubs after a productive and challenging week in the classroom. #SelfcareSaturday #proudtobeLBUSD

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Enjoying my #SelfCareSaturday watching my girl do what she loves! ⚽️❤️ @AYSO_Soccer #U10 #mymini #leximaria

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I know you’re kind to others, but this weekend think about how you can be kind to you! You deserve kindness, too. #zenteacher #tlap #k12 #edchat #teacherwellness #teacherwellbeing @burgessdave @dbc_inc

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Are you ready for some football?!

There's no fun like high school football fun! Mrs. Clancy & I ham-it-up at the J'Town ticket booth. Self care is . . . spending fun time with colleagues, cheering on your school team & seeing your students enjoy their talents. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Love this! I want to make one at my sons school!

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Visited an introductory statistics class @CalStateLA for a story and seeing the instructor write this equation took me back to the two times I tried to pass stats @UCSanDiego 😩

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