I've written a harsh column about Elizabeth Warren that will post tomorrow. But my preoccupation is with the malignancy in the Oval Office this minute. Please, Democratic party, pick someone else. It's kind of important.

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@adamcbest @monacharenEPPC I can’t believe their self-righteousness. They don’t even represent the views of a majority of the country. And it seems to me that they have some housekeeping of their own to do seeing as REPUBLICANS gave us the current nightmare. Work on that.

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@monacharenEPPC Your attempt to seize some kind of victory for conservatism, some concession, some scrap of power out of a disaster of your own making... that's the win-at-all-costs, power over policy and principle attitude that got us Trump.

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@monacharenEPPC You don't have a say in who we pick and you don't have another choice. Fix the problem in your own party if you don't want to vote for our candidate.

You know -- YOU KNOW -- that Elizabeth Warren will not do anything nearly as bad in eight years as Trump can do in one.

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 1 month ago

@monacharenEPPC Conservatives put this country on life support (once again). They don't get to tell Democrats how to resuscitate it.

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 1 month ago

@outandaboutjc1 @monacharenEPPC The people who might stay home and let you go down in flames in 2020 are not the Never Trumpers. They're ordinary people who are scared of people like Warren, or who find her disgust at them to be Hillary Clinton-like.

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 1 month ago

@monacharenEPPC @RadioFreeTom The Never Trumpers learned the Reps won't pick who the Never Trumpers want, so they decided the Dems should pick who the Never Trumpers want.

The Never Trumpers have a bit to offer in terms of strategy. But that will only start when they accept they have no electoral relevance.

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@KathyP73115031 @monacharenEPPC Gawd, I know
You should throw away YOUR political beliefs because they make me uncomfortable! Nope. Republicans will NEVER vote for ANY Democrat. We know it and you know it.

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 1 month ago

@gotravelgear @monacharenEPPC Mona is funded by rightwing billionaires through EPPC. I’m not saying she doesn’t believe the things she says. But she wouldn’t have her job and herb platform without the billionaires.

(The rightwing billionaires HATE Warren. They’re scared of her.)

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@monacharenEPPC I’m an independent and not a Dem, but I still find this troubling. Your party has made a cottage industry of scare tactics of how extreme and awful Dems are, but your party nominated the real monster. NeverTrump “help” ends up being awfully helpful to Trump at times. (I don’t/1

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 1 month ago

@monacharenEPPC Please, someone we centrist Rs can vote for !

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