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 1 month ago

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BREAKING: We found more photos of Ron DeSantis on election night with the two arrested Giuliani associates. This time, they're hugging.

Florida’s governor has shrugged off past donor controversies. This time, there were photos. Now it’s not going away.

“Still unclear is why these men dropped $50,000 into DeSantis’ campaign account a day before he was endorsed by Trump.”

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@miss_speech @bykowicz @bklimt So was Nelson. A dirty race along w Brian Kemp’s in GA. I truly hope we get @AndrewGillum and @staceyabrams in other positions of authority...their voices are needed!

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 1 month ago

@bykowicz @bklimt That race always felt so dirty and so wrong. I think Gillum was robbed.

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 1 month ago

@jjalex206 @bykowicz @maggieNYT We already showed him what to do in 2000

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@bykowicz gasping by the time we made it indoors, after having waited in line for almost two hours. This happened in a middle/upper middle class public library and even with A/C the ballots were sticking together in some cases because of the humidity, causing delays in putting them through

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@bykowicz Gillum lost because of voter suppression. In predominantly POC neighborhoods, they ran out of ballots, polling stations were limited and many buildings did not have their A/C on. I voted the day before the election, it was 95 degrees in the shade, elderly people around me were

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 1 month ago

@powerforlife03 @bykowicz @AndrewGillum I never trusted the results of the Georgia OR Florida election

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@bykowicz We all know he's not the legit winner of the elections. @AndrewGillum is!

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 1 month ago

@bykowicz @maggieNYT Yes... very unclear what Russia could want with a bought US governor in a critical swing state. Big mystery!

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@bykowicz @chrislhayes Florida was visited by the FBI about altered vote totals... never got the rest of that story...

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