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Replying to @parentsmagazine: The first Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) was held in San Francisco. And what began as drag queens reading stories to chi…

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The first Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) was held in San Francisco. And what began as drag queens reading stories to children, is now a global phenomenon! ✨🙌

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It was not a #PelosiMeltdown it was a #PelosiOwnsTrump : Go Nancy!

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You know where your email goes when you send a Hard Working Librarian a Protest Email about Drag Queen Story Hour?

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Know what happens right after when a Hard Working Librarian hangs up the Phone when a Hate Group member calls to Protest Drag Queen Story Hour?

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A Reporter has called me about Protestors of Drag Queen Story Hour interfering in Local Elections as well as endorsement of Candidates : A Clear IRS Violation of their already Fake Registered Non Profit : Registering a Complaint : Funding must be stopped

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#ItWas25YearsAgo That I was known by 14 names at Columbia Music House

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Hate Group currently Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour is posting photos of Minor Children with Bullying Vulgar Comments : They are sick & deranged & should be expelled from every place they try to attend : #LockThemUp

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Oh Corey Booker is in the #DemocraticDebate

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White House Christmas Tree Lottery opened today : Let's wrap up this #Impeachment and #LockHimUp so we can have a nice Holiday

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I've had Signal Issues since upgrading to #Android10 #GooglePixel3XL Sigh, some places no signal at all... @VerizonSupport @madebygoogle

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I am SO grateful that all of the important people in my life realize how corrupt, horrific and insane our president is : It will forever sadden me that so many people are still turning a blind eye.

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Google Pixel 4 ? I'm still paying off my Google Pixel 3 XL for another year for more than they are offering it for sale now lol

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Trolls : I will wish you a Happy #Impeachment and then you're #Blocked

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Some Network needs to put Kathy Griffin back on TV on New Year's : Without Anderson Cooper he abandoned her

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@ThePandoraBoxx will be Happy about today's trending! :)

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#ExposeCNN was a big bust lol Cult Members fell for a #NothingBurger :) They popped all that Popcorn for NOTHING lol I almost feel sorry for them, Almost lol

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#Celebrating 13 Years on #YouTube #Chef Jolene Sugarbaker 's #Award #Winning Trailer Park #Cooking Show will be back soon! #Foodie #ChefLife

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