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Quoted @WhiteHouse

Tim Morrison, Alexander Vindman's former boss, testified in his deposition that he had concerns about Vindman's judgment.

The @WhiteHouse is disparaging one of its own NSC staffers, a Purple Heart recipient, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.

But his White House supervisor called him a “top 1% military officer” and “brilliant” in his performance review.

@realDonaldTrump: Stop these shameful attacks now.

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America needs leaders like @JaneFonda in the fight against climate change.

My new #CleanCars plan.
Preserving our climate for future generations.
Fighting for action in the Senate.

Thank you so much for your leadership and for working with us, Jane Fonda.

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This is big:

The Senate has just sent a resounding message to the Chinese Communist Party that the United States stands with the democratic protestors in Hong Kong.

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I’m headed to the Senate floor right now to fight to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

We need to send a clear message to the Chinese Community Party that the United States stands with the democratic protestors in Hong Kong.

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It is entirely up to President @realDonaldTrump and @SenateMajLdr McConnell to decide if we are going to make progress on a topic like infrastructure or if the Senate will continue to be a graveyard for commonsense ideas to help the American people.

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The recent reports about the democratic protests in Hong Kong have grown more & more troubling

Some of the pictures are reminiscent of a war zone

We stand in solidarity with the democratic protestors, who have every right to assemble & petition their government for their rights

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LTC Vindman is a Purple Heart recipient who has spent his life in service to our country.

The Republican attacks on the witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry are painful and wrong.

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President Trump continues to demonstrate an uncanny ability to get steamrolled by autocrats like Erdogan and Putin without getting anything in return.

Mr. President, where is your plan to defeat ISIS and protect the United States?

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This new assessment from @DefenseIntel confirms many of our worst fears:

Pres. Trump's precipitous withdrawal of troops from northern Syria gave ISIS a lifeline.

And we still don’t have a plan from him for how he will ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.

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LTC Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him are patriots.

They are standing up for the Constitution they swore an oath to defend.

They must be protected from reprisals.

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President Trump is wavering on his promise to ban flavored e-cigarettes? They are marketed towards children.

This is a pattern. The reporting says the president backed off after hearing from industry lobbyists that the ban might hurt him politically.

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It has become painfully clear that both President Trump and Leader McConnell have caved to the corrupt leadership of the NRA once again and will not move legislation to address gun violence

President Trump would rather protect his political interests than protect American lives

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If President Trump doesn’t agree with what he’s heard in the impeachment inquiry's public hearings and has evidence he’d like to present:

He should come to the committee and testify and answer questions under oath.

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Senator McConnell has turned the Senate into a legislative graveyard where we hardly ever debate, amend, or vote on legislation.

Even Senate Republicans have complained about this.

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Just two weeks ago, New York saw severe damage after being ravaged by heavy rain, flooding, & winds

We must get these communities the aid they need

The first step is for FEMA to prioritize this damage and to complete preliminary damage assessments now

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The documents obtained by the @NYTimes show top officials in the Chinese Communist Party directed a brutal & repressive campaign against the Uighurs and religious minorities

While this should surprise no one, it exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s lies

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Every day President Trump is soft on Huawei, the Chinese Communist Party takes that as a signal that they can continue hurting American jobs and threatening our national security without any repercussions.

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If President Trump and his Commerce Department agree that Huawei is a national security threat, they should start acting like it.

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Senator Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans:

Your continued refusal to act is inexcusable


American lives are at stake

Stop playing games

Put the House-passed bipartisan, universal background checks bill up for a vote immediately

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