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@GreenPartyUS @GPUSBlackCaucus @IndGreenParty @dario4america @DennisLambert20 @DavidRolde @iSchlakman @ChadWilson2020 @HowieHawkins Credit for the original footage:
Indiana Green Party @IndGreenParty
Green Party Black Caucus @GPUSBlackCaucus

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#Sorry #SomoneCouldntDivideBy3 #NoNames #TooLateNow

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@GreenPartyUS @GPUSBlackCaucus @IndGreenParty Candidates included Dario Hunter (@dario4america), @DennisLambert20, @DavidRolde, Ian @iSchlakman, @ChadWilson2020, and @GreenPartyUS founder @HowieHawkins

The full video of the debate can be found on youtube at:

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(PART 1/3) #WhatIKnow5Words Are duopoly debates even debates?

The @GreenPartyUS held a presidential debate in Indiana. Organized by the @GPUSBlackCaucus the debate centered on issues concerning POC

#MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #mondaythoughts Good Monday @IndGreenParty

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#AddPirateToAnything Meet the @USPirates Party.

This crew of scallywags took sail in 2006 as a branch of the international Pirate Party movement, dedicated to fighting the rough seas of corrupt copyright laws

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Teen use of vaping went down in 2015-2017. And then spiked.

Is the media scare making vapes more attractive to teens? Have past tobacco alternative bans worked or driven up traditional cigarette use? @JohnStossel provides a Libertarian take #masterychat

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#BadTimesForALecture Libertarians attacked the #POTUS for using "child safety" claims to hand big vape corps like JUUL a monopoly

“(He) won’t hesitate to throw (small business) under the bus to serve his cronies” Daniel Fishman @fishdan,
@LPNational exec

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#HowTwitterHasHelpedYou it let us share this story. Thanks dad.

Yes the FEC is supposed to protect elections. Instead they have been protecting the two party system. A former rep & dem official discuss the 2017 court ruling that agreed. #TuesdayMorning

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2 party system. Its not working out. U said we could trust u.

Through the gridlock, voter disenfranchisement, lobbiest bribes, gerrymandering, we stayed, even when u told us rcv & other parties were myths. But then u gave us Trump. Its not us it's u. #AndThatsWhyYouAreMyEx

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Election Day as a paid holiday? I forgot that you existed.

The city of Sandusky, Ohio paved the way for freedom #lover s in late January. #fridaymotivation #forgiveustaylor #niceheartgif

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#OutdatedSlangAndPhrases Israel can do no wrong

While Palestinian homes are bulldozed, children imprisoned, Congress voted 397-17 to condemn a proposed international BDS embargo. @HowieHawkins, @GreenPartyUS founder & pres cand, says enough. US must act

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Quoted @OpenTheDebates

We might not get @billmaher to endorse this, as he's already called for 10 Dems to drop out... but we hope he'll agree that this should be the #NewRule going forward for general election debates:

If you're on the ballot, you're in the debate. #OpenTheDebates

Wait fair debates... with choices... what is this a democracy? #InMyWildestDreams

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"Ag Gag" laws ascend in politics, punishing undercover activists exposing animal cruelty on farms on film

What does this mean for journalism & free speech? A libertarian look with @reason's @JohnStossel

#Fridaythoughts Finally Friday via @YouTube

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Note: The bill, HR 2722, passed the House in June and awaits a vote from the Senate. Keep an eye on it #SAFEAct

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#ISawYouStaringAnd I was like hey stop staring creep & look at this article about voting machines

Yes my eyes are gorgeous, but if this bill passes the Senate all machines will support Ranked Choice. Like you, fair multiparty elections get a bit closer

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Enjoying #SummerSlam? Well can you handle @GreenParty US senate cand David Gibson's match against Big Oil?

Are you prepared for Green Banks in Maine, a successful model that has brought Connecticut $1 bill in clean energy projects in the last 7 yrs?

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#CaptainAmericaSays its time to declare independence from the two party system.

"We have lost our republic. Yet, we can also take it right back using the very same tools given to us by the Founders."
#FourthofJuly #SaluteToAmerica #4thJuly

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#OvalOfficeAlexa when will you get the "Kim Ruff" @RuffPhillips update? The 2020 @LPNational hopeful plans to use Ali's "butterfly" tactics against Trump if chosen

"The..1st thing I would do (as #POTUS) immediately.. pardon all victimless criminals.."

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#FlagDay Fact: The current flag design got a B-

Bob Hefts flag was a history project. In '58 there were 48 states. His teacher asked if he knew how many states there were & told Bob he would get an A if DC adopted it

In 1960 a US with 50 states adopted his redesign. He got an A

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