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So Mulvaney admitted to @realdonaldtrump extorting the Ukrainian government.

And then Mulvaney said, 'the president can do whatever he wants'.

That's not a POTUS, that's a King.
We don't have kings.


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So @realDonaldTrump signed off on Syria teaming up with Russia against a NATO ally.

Trump thinks this is a genius move: offloading some crappy real estate onto Russia while displaying staggering ignorance of geopolitics and strategy.


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Signing off #TheResistance

“No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.”
― Barbara Ehrenreich

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And, upon reflection, I don't think the US military has had a rout since Vietnam...

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Imagine being so inept as CinC that you deliberately cause a rout, not a retreat, of US Armed Forces who leave behind...

-Intact military bases
-US Special Forces
-Kurdish allies
-Unguarded ISIS fighters
-Nuclear weapons



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Quoted @cspan

U.S. House votes to oppose President Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria, 354-60.

Not that it matters, since @senatemajldr isn't going to bring it to the Senate and, even if he did, and it passes, @realDonaldTrump is going to ignore it.

Trump does NOT care about the #KurdishGenocide he caused.
Or the US military trapped behind enemy lines.


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The last time a #fascist regime poured troops into Poland, the world went to war.


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Signing off #TheResistance

"Those who ignore history's lessons in the ultimate folly of war are forced to do more than relive them ... they may be forced to die by them."

Dan Simmons

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... @realDonaldTrump did more to save ISIS than anybody.

When one of those terrorists inevitably attacks America, somehow, @TheDemocrats will be to blame.

And then it gets really ugly.


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Ok @apple, IDK what you were thinking with the last update but, whatever you did, my battery lasts less than an hour if I’m on Twitter.

Also, if I turn off WiFi or Bluetooth on the quick menu, they should actually be off. Stop setting security traps please.

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Signing off #TheResistance

“The strongest soldier cannot balance long upon the blade that does divide his honor and his heart, and whatever way he falls, the cut will kill him.” ― Susanna Kearsley

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Sure, Jan.

Those sanctions will sure tell Turkey we are serious about abandoning our allies and our own military behind enemy lines.



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It's not a mistake that @realDonaldTrump thinks people need to show ID to buy groceries in the store.

It's literally what they did in the USSR.


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Beto isn't the only one that wants to take churches tax exempt status away.



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Quoted @MaddowBlog

"...State and Energy Department officials were quietly reviewing plans for evacuating roughly 50 tactical nuclear weapons that the United States had long stored, under American control, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey..."

Jesus Christ on a cracker, we are keeping nuclear weapons in fucking Turkey?!?

That’s it. @realDonaldTrump is fucking insane and insanely stupid.



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Quoted @ragipsoylu

BREAKING — Turkish military and opposition’s SNA are about to begin an offensive to Manbij to expel YPG from there, Turkish local TV report says

BUT, we don’t know whether US forces are still in the city or not.

#TurkeyIsOccupyingSyria and @realDonaldTrump is guilty of the #KurdishGenocide and also for leaving US soldiers behind enemy lines.

#NoOneGetsLeftBehind, Donnie. Out of all the oaths you broke, this is the most egregious and will cost you support of the military.


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Anyone else think @realDonaldTrump abandoned the Kurds, knowing ISIS militants would escape, and setting them up to take the fall for his #ReichstagFire?


If I disappear and never return, you can take that for a yes.


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Quoted @WhiteHouse

Promises made.

Promises kept. ✔️

Ypu promised to put babies in #ConcentrationCamps?

You promised to let our Kurdish allies get slaughtered?

You promised to let 1000s of militant ISIS fighters escape from prison?

You promised to abandon US Special Forces behind enemy lines?

You are a #traitor!


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This is John Connor. If you are listening to this, you are #theresistence

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